First Aid

The project First Aid and its training “FAST” is submitted by Střední zdravotnická škola a Vyšší odborná škola zdravotnická, Nymburk in cooperation with other elementary and secondary schools from Italy, Turkey, Latvia and Romania. With some of the partners we have had a long-term cooperation , some schools cooperate with us for the first time. The project is planned for two years.

There are 5 elementary and secondary schools involved in the project, students are in the age 7-17.

Each school creates a project team of around 10 (15) students and at least 4 teachers. Each project meeting is always attended by 5 students and 2 teachers from each school. The student working group at each meeting will have 25 students and 10 teachers. This number of participants will allow the groups to work effectively, and teachers will be able to manage and lead these groups successfully. There will be 100 students’ and 40 teachers’ mobilities in 5 LTTAs during two years’ project period. Approximately 800 individuals will directly benefit the project results from 5 partner organisations.

Objectives of the project:

Through this project we want to motivate students take responsibility for their own health and the health of the others, students will learn how to provide First Aid, teachers will find out and implement the latest knowledge and procedures of providing first aid in the schools practice. Working on the project will increase the competences of students/teachers in the area of providing direct First Aid. By preparing teaching/learning material of the First Aid in a modern concept -handbook in a comics form and short videos we want to improve motivation and increase interest in this issue, remove multicultural barriers in the society (social, religious, cultural barriers). Our objectives are also to support foreign language education, to support 4 C´s learning and teaching, improve ICT competences (e.g.Padlet, E-twinning, Powtoon animation). Our goals are also building a network of European schools, support international cooperation, share experiences and good practice.

Results of the project:

The main result of the project is a handbook for students/teachers in the form of a comics containing a basic information and practical procedures of First Aid (paper and on-line form), 5 short videos with procedures providing the First Aid in Powtoon, project websites which will serve to present the project and its results to the public. Also our on-line platforms Padlet and eTwinning will a space for ongoing project activities, provide the participants an opportunity to communicate on-line, insert and share materials, ideas and good practice. The project will have 2 Newsletters, 1 in June 2021 and 1 in June 2022, in English and partners’ mother tongue. (Czech, Turkish, Romanian, Serbian and Polish).

Project activities:

In the first year, right at the beginning we will create on-line platforms Padlet and eTwinning for inserting continuous working materials, organizational instructions, notes, we set up international student groups, summarize the theoretical background of selected interventions ect., we will also set up the official project website. The output of the first year of the project will be posters showing the basic rules of First Aid in the comics form, students will be trained in the program Freepik.

In the second year, the pupils’ groups will finish a comics handbook, will be trained in Powtoon, and prepare 5 short videos on First Aid.

The dissemination:

The dissemination of the project will be carried out through the following: Project Newsletters, project websites, school web pages, schools´ facebook pages, E-twinning platform, reports of participating teachers at conferences, pupil presenations on a project day.